PHP-Fusion V8
Posted by douwe_yntema on 03 december 2018, 10:49:39
Er komt een nieuwe PHP-fusion versie.
Deze V8 is100% compatibel met 7.02.7 en werkt onder PHP 7 of hoger.


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Extended News
PHP-Fusion 8 will see daylight
Falk, November 30 2018 "” PHP announced that they will close all support on anything < PHP 7. So a lot of PHP-Fusion sites can get hit hard if many hosts simply phase it out. Not everyone is ready for 9 and 9 is not ready for everyone either for that matter.

So we figured, what can we do to help people who are perfectly happy with their PHP-Fusion 7 sites and reluctant to upgrade at this point?

For most parts it is the database drivers that cause issues.
I have a draft with these issues addressed already.
However, I figured we can do better for everyone who is very reluctant to upgrade. Yes, I have listened!.

So the aim here in the coming days is to release a PHP-Fusion 8, a procedural Fusion 8 that is 100% compatible with 7.
It should result in 0 transition issues for PHP-Fusion 7 based Addons and Themes.
PHP-Fusion 8 will also contain some of the features that was made for PHP-Fusion 9.
Besides all that, PHP-Fusion 8 has litterly hundreds of smaller/larger fixes & optimizations ( 260ish+ ) if my memory serves me right.
People who followed Git might have been fast and grabbed a updated version from the Development flow there. If not PHP-Fusion 8 was never publicly released before the transition to 9.
Nor was the foundation laid for PHP-Fusion 9 implemented published.

So what do I have right now?,
260ish+ bug fixes/improvements from 7.02.07. Some can be listed as per the 9 Beta release.
Compatible with PHP 7+.
Two Database drivers - PDO & MySQLi ( Thanks to our German friends who kept building on mine and Yodix initial PDO driver )
Full Multilingual capabilities.
A new(old) prettified installer. It was actually used in the development at some points but is now depreciated.
Tuned registration/profile fields.
Custom error pages (404 etc).
New News Icons.
SEO Engine.
RSS feeds.

See what else we should use in this version from 9, Evaluation - WiP..
Fix upgrade script.
The Main goal is that the worse that can happend when upgrading would be some notices or minor errors because there are no rewrites of the Infusions nor Core or Theme engine per say.
Just improvements and additional functionallity with little to zero negative impact on performance and stability.

If anyone have Beta or Alpha versions of 9 , please post links or attach em in this : thread
I am missing some Betas and Alphas.